What is a Chinchilla? Contrary to popular belief, it's unrelated to a quesadilla. Chinchillas are a type of rodent originally from the Andes mountain, and they're a combination of every adorable quality an animal has ever had.

However, chinchillas have been made domestic and can be pets, which is pretty beneficial for us humans so we can appreciate their cuteness in close quarters.

A week ago, Mary Washington student Mike Mikes adopted two 8 week old chinchillas.

"Two months ago I didn't know what a chinchilla was, but now I love them. My girlfriend and I wanted to get a pet together, but couldn't afford a puppy and a gerbil wasn't exciting enough. We were wandering around PetSmart when we saw two sweet chinchillas, and just knew that was perfect for us." Mike Mikes said.

After putting planning and thought into it, Mikes and his girlfriend chose to adopt two chinchillas from a breeder. "They work better in pairs," Mikes said. "They like to snuggle up with each other and run around their cage together. And it's not much more money to have two than it is to have one."

Mikes stated many times that his life has been made better by these two little pals. Him and his girlfriend spend countless hours just watching them play around, and they're able to pick them up and have them sleep in their hands.

"I just think they're so cute, they could take over the world." said Mikes.

"People would just follow them around all of the time because of how adorable they are. Our chinchillas just get whatever they want because they're so cute. He could bite my face off and just look at him and be like, 'how could I ever be mad at you?'"

That being said, chinchillas are so sweet and wouldn't bite anyone except for self-defense. So if you're looking into buying a chinchilla, be prepared to be overwhelmed with cuteness, or chinchilla world domination.


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